Becky W.

Age 50

Shoulder Pain

"I was so happy with how much better I felt after the treatments on my neck and shoulder area! I had developed such muscle tension. Amy not only helped to alleviate the pain but also asked questions about my work environment and day to day activities and gave great suggestions on what I could do to keep the pain from coming back."

Jane R.

Age 73

Chronic Back Pain

"I highly recommend Pinpoint Physical Therapy for both Physical Therapy and Dry Needling. After my 4th back surgery I received PT treatments. The gentle exercises made such a difference and greatly reduced my pain level during healing and recovery. Recently I tried Dry Needling because of occasional sciatic nerve pain and once again the pain was greatly reduced. I plan to continue both treatments as needed in the future."

Debbie Z.

Age 45

Shoulder Pain

"I went to see Amy with a concern about a pain near my shoulder blade. She did a quick muscle test that lead her to focus in on my issue. She recommended Dry Needling that she performed efficiently and painlessly. And she was right! The treatment drastically improved the pain I was having. Amy's professionalism and knowledge are qualities that will definitely have me returning to her for any of my PT needs in the future."

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