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Pinpoint Physical Therapy focuses on delivering high quality, one-on-one services to everyone from teenagers to senior citizens who enjoy being active and want to feel their very best, every day. Whether you are looking to treat an injury, struggling with reoccurring pain or looking for general wellness practices to live a heathier lifestyle, Pinpoint Physical Therapy can develop a personalized plan to help you accomplish your wellness goals.

Phone Consultation

Lets talk for a few minutes so we can get to know how pain or injury is keeping you from doing what you love to do. You can learn what great treatment and wellness options we can design specifically for your situation.

PT Evaluation

Professional, one-on-one care focused on a total body assessment to determine the best treatment or wellness plan for you. Let's get started on your road to recovery or healthier living, We make it simple, affordable and effective.

PT Treatment

We offer many treatment options to either restore your health and mobility or maintain it. Includes manual hands on care, massage, cupping, kinesiotaping, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and much more.

Golf Fitness Assessment

Book a 30 min session to discover how your strength, mobility and coordination can be effecting your ability to achieve an efficient swing. Learn proven golf specific exercises that will help improve your golf game.

Business Ergonomic Consultation

Perfect for small businesses looking to improve productivity, work flow, and reduce injuries. After a consultation, we can schedule to come out to your office to educate staff on simple changes to improve the work day.

February Special

New clients can book a 55 min targeted massage and dry needling session and save $30 off the regular price! Relaxation to reduce tightness in neck, shoulders, low back, hips, or lower legs. Enjoy the benefit of treatment by a licensed PT with 25 years of experience to help you move better and live better!

Find Lasting Relief

Pinpoint Physical Therapy focuses on providing highly effective treatment that is easy to access, simple to schedule, and tailored specifically to you. We offer one-on-one care to keep you feeling your best with manual therapy, exercise programs, ergonomic assessments, massage therapy, dry needling, electric stimulation, cupping, kinesiotaping and general wellness programs.

No insurance?...High deductible plan?... Tired of copays or paying 20% or more for your care without knowing how much the total costs will be?

Pinpoint Physical Therapy is here to make health care simplified. Did you know in the state of Illinois you can see a physical therapist without being referred by a physician? During the initial visit, we can assess your ailment, refer you to an appropriate health care provider if necessary, and set up a physical therapy treatment plan to meet your goals. We offer many affordable packages depending on your needs. We also provide you with a superbill, if requested, to submit for any out of network benefits you may have through your insurance, or use it towards your HSA/FSA reimbursement. This is health care simplified. Get one-on-one care, know what the costs are, and get better faster.

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Amy Paribello, PT, MPT

Ever wonder why your neck, shoulders, or back are screaming at you by the lunch hour? Many of you were suddenly thrown into working from home when the pandemic started, and have never left. What would you do if you could feel better today? Read these tips below to make sure your home office is set up for success.

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