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Amy Paribello, PT, MPT

Pinpoint Physical Therapy is Kane County's newest practice here to focus on you as the patient. Founded by Amy Paribello, PT, MPT. Pinpoint Physical Therapy provides individualized treatment, with one-to-one care.Amy has over 24 years of Physical Therapy experience in all aspects of orthopedic care. She started her career after graduating from Boston University with Honors in their accelerated Master of Physical Therapy program. She was an avid ice skater, track and field sprinter, and cross-country runner through her college years, whilst working hard to polish her Physical Therapy skills. Since graduating from Physical Therapy school, she has lived in Geneva, IL, Cincinnati, OH, and back to the Aurora, IL area. Her focus has always been on working closely with orthopedic physicians to either help patients avoid surgery or recover successfully from surgery. She has worked for the world-renowned Dr. Frank Noyes, at Cincinnati Sports Medicine, innovating the most complex knee rehabilitation programs. And locally, she has worked for one of the largest orthopedic specialist groups, Fox Valley Orthopedics in Geneva, IL seeing a wide variety of orthopedic issues from head to toe.Her passion for physical therapy started from being a patient herself. At a young age. she had a minor knee injury that was successfully rehabilitated with a great PT. Her PT journey was solidified by watching her family member go through a debilitating low back injury from tennis. and seeing her struggle through four surgeries over the years just to get back to walking down the street. Throughout the last 24 years, she has trained and received advanced certifications in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Certified Golf Fitness Specialist TPI Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Assessment Specialist, Cupping, Kinesiotaping, Dry Needling, McKenzie treatment for spine dysfunction, and a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. But what she really does best is connect with the patient. Pinpoint Physical Therapy opened its doors in Jan 2022 to change the landscape of healthcare. Over the years Amy has seen volume-driven clinics, where productivity was placed over the importance of patient care. Insurance dictated how many visits a patient could have, instead of the patient getting what they needed to reach their goals. In addition, the patient was often handed a bill for the treatment costs that were never predicted in advance of the care. Pinpoint Physical Therapy is a different health care model, where the patient is in charge of how many visits they receive, the costs are always known upfront., and most often can save patients time and money.The number one goal of any visit is to identify the patient's specific goals, perform a total body assessment, and develop a tailored treatment plan. You, as the patient, get the one-on-one attention you deserve, for the fastest results possible. Call or email us to book an appointment today!

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